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24 Hours in Seattle, Washington

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

This isn’t the typical 24 Hour Guide filled with Seattle’s most popular tourist destinations. We’ve done all of that before, and I’m sure I can write another post about that. Instead, this is a relaxing weekend catching a spring baseball game.

It’s been a few weeks since this trip, but there’s still plenty of time to catch a baseball game or plan a quick summer weekend getaway so no harm, right? I’ve said before that my full time job right now is working with individuals with varying disabilities. So, one of the perks of my job is getting discounted Seattle Mariner’s tickets during Washington State Employee Recognition night. When we first moved to Washington we actually made pretty frequent trips from Vancouver/Portland to Seattle, but somehow it ended up being over a year since we last went and this seemed like the perfect time to go!

Seattle Mariners Game

Andrew is a Chicago Cubs fan so we were hoping that the schedule would work out so that we got to see them play here in Washington. Spoiler Alert, we didn’t. We actually just missed them playing by a few days. Instead, we caught one of the games against the Minnesota Twins. I know the Cubs and Twins compete against each other, but I’ll always be a Midwesterner so against popular opinion I had to root for the Twins.

Side Note: While we were here we realized that we had both been to baseball games growing up, but we hadn’t gone to any since we had been together. 14 years…..we somehow hadn’t gone to a baseball game in 14 YEARS!!!

Yes, Safeco Field is also now T-Mobile Park (hint: the reason for the sudden addition of magenta to my blog). And with that change comes The ‘Pen powered by T-Mobile. If you’re looking to score some reasonably priced drinks and ballpark food that actually looks like food an adult would eat definitely head to The ‘Pen. They open 2.5 hours before the start of the game and offer happy hour prices on drinks up until 1 hour before first pitch. I got the Magenta Mojo cocktail and I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a refreshing drink at one of the warmer summer games. The food options in this area included:

  1. Lil Woody’s Burgers and Shakes

  2. Paseo

  3. Fat’s Chicken

  4. Chug’s Soda Fountain

  5. Ballard Pizza Co.

While I am eating meat again, I enjoy the Impossible Burger and tend to order it over meat when it is available. Andrew and I decided to share an Impossible Burger and Fries with Queso from Lil’ Woody’s. The burger was fantastic (one of the perks of ordering the Impossible Burger was that it was cooked fresh when we ordered vs. regular burgers that were pre-made) and was priced comparable to Impossible Burgers outside of the stadium. The fries and queso were the real star of the order though! So many fries and perfectly creamy, spicy, flavorful queso. I highly, highly recommend getting at least the fries and queso.

The Moxy Hotel

Finding an affordable hotel in Seattle is actually quite a challenge (and I usually pride myself on being able to find the hidden deal). We ended of staying at The Hotel Moxy for under $200, which surprisingly, was a win in my book! This hotel is a division of Marriott Bon Voy and checked off every mark in my true Millennial heart.

  1. Check in at a bar (what?!) and a free drink at check in!

  2. Smart TVs in the rooms with the capability to log in to Netflix and HBO GO included (yes, we definitely caught up on Game of Thrones).

  3. Plaid, Beards, Sasquatch, Wood Accents, Patterns on Patterns, I was really into the aesthetic!

  4. Check In and Out on a mobile app that you can also use as your key (I am notorious for losing a hotel key).

  5. Walking distance to food, Pikes Place Market, Stadiums (it was a 2.5 mile walk to the game).

  6. And most importantly…it is in a relatively newly developed area of downtown Seattle so, we were able to find parking FOR FREE! The garage next to the hotel was free after 4:00 on Saturday and street parking in the area was free all day on Sunday.

What We Ate

Usually we try more food on our weekend trips, but we were really surprised at how early everything closed around our hotel and after walking several miles already, we decided to just skip a late night meal and wait until breakfast.

We arrived to Seattle a bit before our hotel check-in time. Luckily, I wanted to try Ba-Bar and it was right around the corner! I got the weekend Combo with Moi Bo Vien and a Moscow Mule. The flavor on the beef balls and the chili oil were fantastic. I also really liked the use of the egg noodles instead of rice noodles.

Breakfast the next morning included 2 stops. First, I couldn’t leave Seattle without getting a cinnamon roll from Cinnaholic. I typically hate cinnamon, but these rolls are something else, and they’re even vegan! I tried them when we went to Vegas and have been thinking about them since, so I am pumped that they’re now only a few hours drive away! We ordered a Strawberry Shortcake Roll to go.

After grabbing our roll we headed toward Cactus for some Tex-Mex inspired brunch. I really hadn’t thought about Mexican inspired brunch other than Chilaquiles and Huevos Rancheros before so I was pumped to try the breakfast quesadilla. It was filled with bacon, cheese, and roasted poblano peppers, then topped with an over easy egg and tomatillo salsa. I want to make this dish for brunch at home every weekend.

What are your favorite places in Seattle?

What should we do on our next weekend roadtrip?

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