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9 Years

This weekend Andrew and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary. That’s right folks, you read correctly, 9 amazing years with this fella! He’s my one and only, my high school sweetheart.


I love getting presents for people and out anniversary is just as important as any other holiday so I was super excited to order and give Andrew his present! So excited, that when his present arrived on our doorstep a week early I couldn’t contain myself and had to give it to him early. He didn’t expect it at all (it was a Red Wolf Spirit Hood) which was the best part by far!

This year we got all mushy and romantic and decided to celebrate like a typical 20-something couple. Friday night sunset walk on the Eastbank Esplanade and dinner with reservations! Of course, we had a purpose to our walk on the Esplanade, not only is the waterfront gorgeous, but Portland had picked up on Paris’s love lock tradition, so we locked our love onto the Eastbank Esplanade.



After the yummy cheese we headed to dinner at The Farm Cafe. Since beginning our Pescatarian diet, we have tried so many new dishes and Portland restaurants! The restaurant is in an old farmhouse, it is divided into small sections, but the noise level was still quite high. We were seated right away even though our reservation wasn’t for another 20 minutes. Unfortunately, we were seated next to am obnoxiously loud group of 6 people who kept coming and going throughout dinner. We ordered right away and it hardly took any time before our food was out. I got the goat cheese ravioli (I was on a cheese kick that night) and Andrew order the Veggie Burger! Both were delicious, but we liked mine better!

After a long day of both of us working we decided to just head home and enjoy some wine and How I Met Your Mother from the comfort of our own sofa, but we continued celebrating the entire weekend. Up next, Astoria on Saturday!

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