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Columbia River

I seriously love the ocean and would give nearly everything to go back to Bandon and spend a couple carefree weeks on the coast. However, since I must work and maintain some level of responsibility (most of the time) I just wanted to share with you, again, the beauty of Portland, Vancouver, and the Columbia River. We live in Vancouver, Wa which is just a hop a cross the Columbia River and Washington/Oregon state borders (so we’re basically just another Portland suburb without state income tax, YIPPEE). Andrew and I spend a lot of time watching the sunsets from the shore of the Columbia River.

Aren’t these views just incredible?!?

I love that this winter has been unseasonably warm and sunny, we have gotten some phenomenal views of Mt. Hood!

Before our walk to enjoy the sunset we also spent some time strolling Main Street Vancouver. Vancouver kinda gets a bad reputation from Portland (Vantucky), but I love the City Center/Main Street area. It’s cute, has tons of character, and isn’t packed with people like many Portland subdivisions.

I just now noticed this cute clock right outside of Starbucks.

We also found this adorable little dwarf/fairy home in one of the trees in our neighborhood.

And because I’ve bragged about the sunsets so much I kinda feel like I’m short changing the gorgeous sun rises. I just don’t have as many pictures since I’m usually trying to drive to work during them.

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