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End of Summer Throwback

So it is officially Fall in the Pacific Northwest, which means it gets dark really early and it rains…a lot! I absolutely love the rain so the past week has been amazingly beautiful, almost magical! I seriously love how bright pumpkins and Fall leaves look on dreary, rainy days; having a cozy house (with a fireplace) to come home isn’t too bad either! As much as I love fall I’ll still miss the beautiful summer sunsets, hot summer days by the waterfront, and camping without freezing my butt off. So I thought today I’d do a little throwback to the last “summer” weekend we had.


After the market we hit up the Portland Greek Food Festival. At the entry to the festival you can purchase Talents for $1 a piece. These are then used as payment throughout the festival. It was incredibly hot, so our first stop was to grab drinks-Andrew got a beer and I got a Greek Frappe. It was seriously the best coffee drink I have ever tasted! I highly recommend trying one if you ever get a chance. Andrew and I had just started trying to eat pescatarian so we didn’t try any of the gyros or lamb, instead we grabbed some Greek pasta salad, hummus, and a couple pastries. The food was great, but it was hot and packed with people so we didn’t stay too long. On the walk back we passed a yard sale that has the coolest old miniature sewing machine for sale. I loved it, but unfortunately didn’t have enough cash on hand to buy it.


The next day we hit up The Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island for our pumpkins. I was seriously conflicted getting dressed that morning! Going to the pumpkin patch means sweaters, and boots, and scarves; instead I wore flip flops, shorts, and a tank-top! Sauvie Island is beautiful. Right next to The Pumpkin Patch is a smaller pumpkin operation so make sure if you want to pick your own you keep going and get to the correct place! We do want to go back to the other spot though just for the fall vibes! You cannot go wrong having wine and a Voodoo doughnut in a pumpkin patch!



Last stop for amazing final summer weekend was the Vancouver Waterfront Trail for sunset on the Columbia River. We love Portland, but living in Vancouver we have found some hidden gems that we are quite proud of! The view from the Columbia River is one of them.





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