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Fall in Vancouver


A few weekends ago, I know I’m behind again, Andrew and I decided to soak up as much of the remaining beautiful fall weather as possible.  Our first stop was to grab food!  I feel like we are buying groceries constantly, but somehow once the weekend comes and we actually have to feed ourselves 3 meals, we are always out of food!  As much as we love the food in Portland, we are trying to check out more of the restaurants in Vancouver.  Here’s a disclaimer on the Vancouver food scene….there are A LOT of chain restaurants.  If you are looking for something unique and not owned by a giant corporation I would highly recommend checking out the City Center and Main Street area of Vancouver, much better options there!  That weekend we decided to give a crepe a go.  As we were making this decision I realized that I had never had a crepe before!  “How is that even possible” you ask, yeah, I couldn’t find an answer to that question either.  So, our first stop was Mon Ami.  Andrew grabbed a coffee and I grabbed an Almond Latte with soy milk.  I love the pretty art that coffee shops do on the top of lattes, so I always have to snap a picture.


We sipped on our caffeine while we waiting for our crepes.  We are stil trying to eat pescatarian as much as possible so I ordered a veggie crepe and Andrew ordered one with salmon, cream cheese, and dill.  His was delicious!!!  And of course we scarffed them down too quickly to take a picture.  Guess you’ll just have to wait until next time!

After our stomachs were full and the caffeine was flowing we took a trip out to Vancouver Lake.  We have lived in Vancouver for almost 10 months and somehow this was our first trip out, we are such a disgrace!  The fall leaves and the water were a gorgeous combination!  I was really missing the fall colors that I am used to seeing in Iowa because all of the leaves on our block were unfortunately still green.  The trees at Lake Vancouver made up for this; everything was a gorgeous red, orange, and yellow. I seriously couldn’t get enough of the leaves! So enough of the words, time for some pictures!




I seriously love him! And how much he loves nature!  Anyway, after our stroll around Lake Vancouver we decided to take a nice Sunday drive around the area.  We’ve spent a lot of time in Vancouver and Portland, but this is the first time we took a drive into the outskirts of Vancouver.  We happened upon another park with some pretty awesome views of the Columbia River and a small little houseboat community.  I love roadtrips!  Fortunately Oregon and Washington have so many amazing things for us to checkout without going far!

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