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Freaknight 2014

We have seriously been lacking on posts these past two weeks for one reason…Freaknight!  Last week we spent every waking minute (and then some) creating costumes and adding finishing touches to our Freaknight plans.  This week we have been working…..and sleeping, a lot, to try to recuperate from last weekend.  What is Freaknight?  Per USC events, “USC’s FreakNight Festival is the longest running Halloween dance festival in the nation! We employ our entire bag of tricks to make FreakNight an experience you’ll never forget. Every Halloween weekend the freaks of the night descend on Seattle for a bone-chilling celebration of the dance music community! FreakNight has everything you would expect from a sinister circus, including carnival rides that will scare you stiff and sideshow wonders you have to see to believe! But the main event is always the same: the music!”  If that doesn’t sum it up well enough, here’s a video:

We took off from Vancouver Friday afternoon after doing some last minute costume sewing, perlers, and packing.  We packed up the Mini (Buster) and headed north toward Seattle.  It was chilly so I finally got a chance to wear my Spirithood.  I love it, it’s so soft and warm and fuzzy.  And of course we had to snap a picture before we got on the road.

Freaknight Roadtrip

The drive nortg was perfect.  It was sunny and the fall colors along Interstate 5 were gorgeous!  We were even lucky enough to miss most of the Friday afternoon traffic somehow!  Seriously, who wouldn’t love this view!  It set the mood and excitement for the upcoming weekend perfectly!

Freaknight Drive

Hotel Hotel

After getting checked in we quickly changed and headed to WaMu for night one of Freaknight!  We got a late start so we didn’t get to WaMu right away, but the line moved quickly and security was much more efficient than our experience at Paradiso, well done USC.  First stepping into Freaknight was sensory overload.  So many people, and lights, and sounds, but it was INCREDIBLE!  Oliver Heldens had already started by the time we got inside so we headed straight for the Big Top.  I did manage to capture a little bit of the magic before I was quickly whisked away.

Night 1

Mordecai and Rigby

Freaknight Day 1 was AMAZING!  Andrew got to see Oliver Heldens and I have a new found love for Nervo.  Plus, we got to dance the night away with our amazing group of friends.  This was the first indoor show that Andrew and I have attended since moving west.  USC pulled out all of the stops for this one and it was absolutely incredible!  At the ended of the night we headed back to the hostel to get rested up for a busy second day of Freaknight.

The next morning we woke up surprisingly early and grabbed breakfast at the hostel and lounged in our room for a bit.  In 2012 Andrew and I took a summer trip to Seattle.  That trip was the biggest factor in our desire to move to the west coast. We loved the city of Seattle, we loved the access to amazing natural resources, and we loved the positive vibes of both the people and the area around us.  We decided to do a little reminiscing and grabbed lunch at Blue C Sushi.  I love conveyor belt sushi because I get to try just a little bit of everything!  After lunch we grabbed a latte and walked up to the Fremont Troll.  I love the troll!  This time they were doing some renovations and we were able to snap a picture without a homeless man changing behind Mr. Troll (totally serious).


After our stroll we headed back to the hostel and got ready for night two, YIPPEE!!! The second night started early so that it could end in time for the Seahawks to get ready for their game the next day.  We arrived right at 4:00, just as the doors were SUPPOSED to open.  Unfortunately after two hours of waiting in some pretty chilly weather in some pretty chilly clothing we found out that the second night had been cancelled due to an unfortunate event the night before.  We were totally bummed, but snapped a few pictures with our goofy group of friends before making new plans for the rest of our night.

Freaknight Group

I absolutely love my friends!  This beautiful Red Riding Hood is our high school friend Britta.  She is the one that has made this move so incredibly amazing for us.  When we first moved we stayed with her for two weeks on the beautiful Oregon coast while we waited for our apartment to open up.  She is also the one who introduced us to the rest of our group of friends and showed us how amazing festivals are on the west coast!  She has been our rock since we moved out here and we love her to pieces!


The second night of we had planned to dress up as Batman and Batwoman.  Our costumes rocked if I do say so myself, even if we didn’t get to wear them into the actual festival.


Space Needle

Before heading home I had to head into downtown Seattle for some pizza.  This is my third trip to Seattle and every time I have tried to go to Serious Pie, but haven’t.  I finally got my pizza and it was totally worth the wait!  We both got a cider and split a buffalo mozzarella pizza.  It was fantastic!  I seriously could have eaten multiple pizzas on my own.  The sauce was light, the cheese was salty and stringy, and the wood fired crust was cooked to a perfect crisp.  I was in heaven!  But I still needed desert before we left so we made one last stop at The Yellow Leaf cupcakes and got a box of macaroons to go.



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