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Happy Holidays

Now that Christmas has come and gone and the tree is finally put away time to reminisce about the beauty that is the holiday season! I absolutely love Christmas, so recently my Instagram has been spammed with twinkling holiday photos. Let’s start off the holiday reflection with a bit of a comparison between Christmas in Iowa and Christmas in Washington:

5 Biggest Differences Between Washington and Iowa: 1. There is no go go to trying to make it between the 6 different Christmas celebrations Andrew and I have to juggle. 2. Andrew and I slept in. Usually I’m still a 5 year old on Christmas morning waking up at 5:00 AM to race down to the Christmas tree only to fall back asleep watching The Christmas Story on replay. 3. I could actually walk out the door on just my flannel and not freeze my face off. While I love snow at Christmas time, the lack of blistering cold was not a bad change! 4. I regret all of those years passing on my grandpa’s shrimp gumbo. This Christmas we resorted to trying to find a restaurant that was open. I sincerely missed the Christmas Day gumbo that I just started enjoying last year. 5. Andrew and I will definitely be going back home for Christmas next year. As much as we love our friends and have been happy to enjoy the holidays with each other, Christmas just didn’t feel the same without our families. FaceTime is an amazing piece of technology, but doesn’t replace actual time spent with our families.


So what did Andrew and I do this Christmas? Well first we woke up at 9:00 and called Andrew’s family so we could FaceTime with them while we all opened gifts. I usually go all out on presents and have a hard time limiting my spending. This year Andrew and I put a strict limit on the prices of our gifts. This actually made shopping more meaningful because I had to think harder about specific gifts that he would enjoy most. After presents we spent the day snuggled on the sofa watching movies. Late in the afternoon out stomachs started to miss the delicious Christmas Day food we normally have so we took a trip down to Portland and grabbed dinner at The Original. It was good, but it was no shrimp gumbo!


After dinner we wandered around downtown Portland and ended up at the Christmas Tree in Pioneer Courthouse Square. We grabbed a some coffee from Starbucks and sat in the patio watching everyone enjoy the gorgeous tree!


After dinner we came back for a quiet night at home, but ended up adding a new addition to our family first! One oft coworkers is moving and can’t take her kitty with her so we adopted little Gracie, the Maine Coon Kitty on Christmas. Isn’t she adorable!


Even though Christmas was much different for us this year and I can’t wait to get home next weekend to see our family I am beyond happy that Andrew and I got to spend the day together!


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