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Happy New Year!

I’m late with this post again because, well, Portland rocks and I’m still recovering. But for real, we have gotten incredibly busy again and as always the new year brings new changes!

So, what’s happened in our lives:

1. Andrew’s internship ended and he started a full time, PERMANENT position!

2. Our high school friend Britta packed up her cute coastal home in Bandon (the first place Andrew and I stayed on our move out here) and moved up to Portland and in with us!

3. I started working part time at Eating Disorder Center Portland as a Mental Health Worker, my first step to my long term goal to work as a Therapist in an Eating Disorder Treatment facility.


So to ring in the new year and all these wonderful new changes, Andrew and I went to the Portland Art Museum with the Nuaghty Pine Crew for Inspire Truth by Beloved Presents. This was the most incredible New Years Eve experience I have ever had! Every there had incredibly positive vibes, the venue was beautiful, the performances were awe inspiring, and I got to spend the night with both Andrew and our amazing friends!


The New Years countdown was absolutely incredible! Cheering, confetti, all sorts of love! I couldn’t have asked asked for a better moment, and for that reason I enjoyed it instead of trying to take pictures. There plenty of other people posting it to Facebook and Instagram for me to enjoy it again years down the road! It’s not our midnight kiss, but that doesn’t really matter and I love everything about this picture!


After Inspire Truth we headed back to our friends and waited for the first sunrise of the new year! Their house is on a hill overlooking the cascades so every sunrise is beautiful, but this one was particularly firey!


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