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Our Escape Campervan Experience | Is this rental really worth it?

This post is not sponsored. It is just my honest opinion on renting an Escape Campervan and what I wish we would have known prior to renting.

We picked up our van on a Thursday afternoon. The pick up process was simple. They had our van cleaned, filled with water and gas, and ready for us to drive away when we got there. To be transparent, the cost of the van does not include mileage. We were going to be driving a long distance in 72 hours so we opted to pay for 100 miles per day in advance. After that the mileage charge is $0.25 per mile. The cost of the van did end up being quite a bit more than we originally anticipated after these charges, but was still cheaper than putting miles on our vehicles and staying in a hotel each night. We also ended up getting back from our trip before the initial drop off was scheduled. There was some miscommunication regarding how early returns worked, so just a heads up to be very clear about when you plan to return the vehicle at your pickup.

We rented a Maverick. This was an older Ford F150 Van that was aptly named 'Perfect Storm'. Each of these vans comes equipped with a a kitchen including a sink, camp stove (and two cans of propane), plenty of storage and a drawer fridge. I was impressed with how much space there was in the fridge. We stored everything for 2 lunches, 2 dinners, and all of our drinks. The fridge is completely powered by a solar panel on the roof of the van. We rented on a cloudy weekend and never had any concern about losing power to the fridge.

The living space of the van was easy to convert from a table and seating during the day to a queen size bed at night. We did find that it was much easier to convert when there was daylight and when there were two people to maneuver the heavier table top [I still have a scar on the top of my foot from dropping the corner of the table on it]. The bed is three separate cushions, but once we added a fitted sheet everything stayed together nicely. There were curtains hung along all of the windows, as well as behind the front seats. These provided the perfect amount of privacy overnight and when we parked the van along the trip. They also blocked out a lot of light so we were able to get a solid night of sleep anywhere.


1. Convenience: You can get everything that you need for your trip from Escape. In addition to what comes with each van, Escape also offers add-ons including camp chairs, bedding, rooftop camping options, cooking utensils, etc. The pick up and drop off process was also easy and everything [at least at the Portland location] was ready when we got there.

2. The opportunity to experience van life: This was a chance for us to briefly experience what it would be like to travel and live out of a van, and we loved it! Having everything we needed for meals, clothing swaps, and sleeping all in one place was never bad either.

3. Great for short distances: I would highly recommend this for anyone going either a shorter distance than we did, or spending more time parked in one spot. The fact that we spent most of our trip on the road and only one night in each spot really added on the mileage and that's where our trip got expensive.


1. Mileage Costs REALLY add up: See above....if you're going to be doing an extensive amount of driving be aware that there is a daily mileage limit and after that miles add up quickly.

2. Some of the vans are old: While we didn't run into any issues with this during our trip, we were surprised by how loved parts of the van seemed. There were scratches and dings and stains on the inside, but everything ran well and met our needs. I have read that others have had concerns with their van breaking down because 1) some of their vans are older and 2) some of the vans also have a lot of miles on them. Just make sure you have contact information and what to do in case of an emergency before you leave.

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