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Vegan in Minneapolis

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

After eating our weight in vegan junk food at J. Selby’s, Andrew and I woke up with full stomachs, but several more places I wanted to try before leaving town.  We spent the morning lazing around and stretching our stomachs before heading to Modern Times cafe.  I was expecting a wait, but we managed to slip into one of the last open tables before they really started getting busy.

Andrew ordered a coffee and I got an almond milk latte to sip on while we waited to order.  I ended up getting the Migas (I can’t pass up Migas) with Textured Vegetable Protein.  I would definitely recommend adding TVP, the texture made these Migas perfect.  Even though I was still stuffed from the night before I didn’t want to waste any (did I say I love Migas yet) so I somehow ate the entire plate.  Andrew ordered my second choice, the Hashbrown Rancheros (vegetarian).  He said they were delicious, but definitely had his eyes on my plate.  The slaw that came with both of our orders was great and the perfect light, refreshing addition to both plates.

There was no way I was going to Minneapolis without stopping at The Herbivorous Butcher. We had a long drive back to Iowa after that night so we couldn’t get anything that needed to be refrigerated.  We ended up with a couple pounds of vegan jerky and an Italian Cold Cut Sandwich.  This was THE BEST SANDWICH I’VE EVER HAD!  The bread, the “cheese”, the “meat”, everything was perfect.  I highly recommend getting this sandwich (or two) the next time you’re in Minneapolis.

We spent that night at our friend’s wedding.  They were great and accommodated me for dinner making sure I had a vegan pasta option for dinner.  After a few hours of dancing we had a 3 hour drive back to our parents place and I needed more food, and something to keep me awake!  Before leaving we placed a to go order at Galactic Pizza.  I drove while we ate so I didn’t get any pictures, but we ordered the Vegan Old School (your classic ‘supreme’ pizza) and vegan cheesy bread.  Everything was great and they made sure to contact us to let us know they were out of an ingredient.

I definitely didn’t have high expectations for the options available because, let’s face it, the Midwest is not the most vegan friendly part of the country.  I was however, (happily) proven wrong on this trip.  I will definitely be back to as many of these places as possible the next time I fly home, and if anyone else has any other recommendations I would love to hear them!

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